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Earthquake Insurance Do You Really Need It?

Earthquake Insurance Facts

A chorus of experts reminds us that there is a 99 percent probability of an earthquake measuring 6.7 or greater hitting California within the next 28 years.  Considering the risk, it’s alarming that only 10 percent of California residents have earthquake insurance.

In fact, it’s not if a large earthquake will happen but when a large earthquake will happen, if you live in California this is an inevitable fact.  Create a good emergency plan for your family and buy earthquake insurance. There hasn’t been major damage from an earthquake in quite a long time so buy a policy now while it’s cheap and still available.  If a major earthquake does happen, insurers will stop writing new policies and be under a moratorium.

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Protect Your Home With Earthquake Insurance

Research And Review Earthquake Insurance

Now is a great time to research and review one of our comprehensive residential or commercial earthquake insurance products.  Because were an insurance broker we have access to many different earthquake insurers.  We can build and find an earthquake policy to protect what’s important to you such as wine collections, swimming pool, fine arts, jewelry or just your home.

Low Or High Deductibles 

The choice is yours.  We have deductibles as low as 2% and as high as 25% which greatly affects the cost of the insurance.  A note about these deductibles, you don’t have to pay your deductible up front.

Special Earthquake Programs

Some insurers offer broader coverage and lower deductibles than other typical earthquake policies available in the California market, our agency has access to special earthquake programs underwritten by insurers fully licensed by the California Department of Insurance. We only represent insurance companies with an “A” rating or better.

We do have the best available residential earthquake products in the marketplace.

Protect your home and belongings before a devastating earthquake takes you by surprise. Contact our office today to get a free, no obligation quote.

Dealing with Insurance Companies and Other Institutions

05/24/2016 – Chris Plummer, Pedro Dolabella

How to deal with Banks, Insurance Companies or the Government.

DSCF0522When dealing with banks, insurance companies and or the government, we can often encounter some difficulties. There are sudden changes that may occur which can trigger a whole new system of doing things. This can amount to confusion in how to do things for the consumer. Take health insurance, Obama care changed a whole lot of things. And now, with the new president elected, health insurance may change again. We just don’t know what to expect.

As you can see, working with Banks, Insurance Companies or the Government can be a challenge!  Sometimes they don’t play by the rules.  You and your family can get lost in the maze of different insurance programs and claims problems that happen when dealing with large entities such as these.

Luckily we are well versed in these matters and have decades of experience in dealing with these types of issues. We always offer consultations to all of our clients related to this. So if you have any questions, you can ask us and we will get back to you with a response.

Take heart if you’re insured with us!

As an experienced insurance broker, it’s very satisfying to know that we’re helping our clients when there’s a problem.  We have most likely heard it before and already know how to solve the issue.  We’re able to identify insurance companies, which ones are good, the ones that are OK and also the bad ones.  We know about types of coverage, what makes sense and what doesn’t, we have back door phone numbers to reach departments quickly especially when you need help.  If you want someone on your side we’re there, this is what we do every day and where our expertise comes in, we do it all the time.  In regards to insurance companies, we have you covered there!

Contact us at Unity One Insurance today and let us help you find the insurance that works for you!




2017 Your Property Insurance Could Increase

2017 Property Insurance Pricing Warning.

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There could be an increase in your 2017 property insurance so pay heed! The insurance industry and homeowners alike are facing difficulties this year due to claim frequency.  The 2 issues are faulty Chinese copper pipes along with fires that ravaged Northern California and all the rain! 

The copper piping installed in the late 1980’s until early 2000’s are starting to fail.  Many builders are being sued by homeowners due to the copper pipe problem, some builders have gone out of business.  The copper pipes that were made in China flooded the marketplace during this time that builders used to install in homes. The copper used was poor in quality and are now starting to fail.  The leaks in the pipes are called “pinhole” leaks that can break or leak which cause serious damage to flooring and walls.  You most likely know someone that has had a pipe break or pinhole leak I’m sure.  The average water loss per claim paid out is about $24,000 in Southern California with losses going up each year.

Your property insurance, as a result, could increase.

The loss due to wild fires alone in California last year was 1.5 Billion that’s Billion with a B.

What can you do about it?

When getting property insurance, you should make sure you get a policy written on an all-risk basis. This type of policy will cover you for most anything. If your local area is in a danger zone for fire or flood and other calamities, you should consider getting other insurance. An experience property insurance agent can help you with a special program for your home or business based on your needs.

The cost to replace your property will be at current prices for that property. To protect yourself, be sure to purchase replacement insurance with an insurance guard and review the limits on your policy to ensure you are well protected.

Shop around!  Finding the right policy at the right price is the key, try bundling your car insurance, obtain an alarm system, increase your deductible, cut away the brush, re-pipe your home.  There are quite a few membership programs available too that have great rates and options, having a local professional insurance agent that knows the market will help.  You might be surprised by the different ways you can save money and obtain better coverage. 


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